In general how does your skin react to the sun?
Reacts strongly reagit violemment au soleil
Doesn't tan easily (light or medium skin) bronze difficilement
Tans gradually (light or medium skin) bronze progressivement
Tans easily (medium or dark skin) bronze rapidemment
I am pregnant or undergoing medical treatment enceinte ou traitement medical
I tan easily but have dark spots je bronze facilement mais jai des taches
To what degree will you be exposed to the sun?
Extreme exposure extreme
Moderate to significant exposure importante-moderee
What are your desired results?
I want a very dark tan je ne veux pas bronzer
I want a natural-looking tan je veux un hale naturel
I don't want to tan jaime etre tres bronzee
What's your preferred texture?
Rich cream
Lightweight lotion-fluid
Oil oil

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