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"made in France"

It all began in Paris on 15th March 1954, when Jacques Courtin-Clarins opened his first Clarins Institute with the pioneering belief that well-being and happiness were inextricably linked to beauty. This idea was totally new. At the same time, celebrities were beginning to unveil their bodies on the covers of magazines; the era of physical and mental freedom was dawning. A revolution in which Jacques Courtin-Clarins played an important role by telling women, "Yes, you are beautiful!”. In France, where caring for your skin has always been paramount, his success was immediate. Word soon spread and the products became available throughout the world. Today, Clarins continues to design and produce its products in France and remains faithful to its original philosophy: listening to women to truly understand their needs, and developing safe, natural and highly effective skin care products.

A family with a passion for skin care

Clarins is more than a brand, it is the success story of an exceptional family.
At Clarins, we do not simply design unique skin care products from generation
to generation; we hand down our passion for beauty and devote our lives to it.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins, Clarins founder, with his sons. Continuity guaranteed.

1960. Jacques Courtin-Clarins with his two sons, Christian and Olivier.

Jacques Courtin-Clarins demonstrating his Face Oil application method.

Clarins - yesterday, today and tomorrow

Virginie Courtin-Clarins. Serge Rosinoer, Jacques Courtin-Clarins' right-hand man. Christian Courtin-Clarins. Prisca Courtin-Clarins. Claire Courtin-Clarins. Olivier Courtin-Clarins. Jenna Courtin-Clarins.

Continuous innovation

Clarins researchers' philosophy?
Always at the forefront of innovation.
From Body Shaping Cream, the first contouring product created by Jacques Courtin-Clarins, to aroma body care or the exclusive anti-pollution complex, Clarins has always been a leader in innovation.

Clarins Research is carried out in our own laboratories with the dual challenge of achieving unprecedented results and the highest safety standards as well as using state-of-the art development techniques and clinical testing facilities. A new scientific discovery? A new ingredient with more effective results? Even if a product is selling well, it will be reformulated to increase its efficacy, quality and the pleasure it provides.

Hyaluronic acid


our science

Clarins will always select a natural ingredient over a chemical one, if it delivers the same level of effectiveness. This is the golden rule that all Clarins researchers follow when designing innovative new products. Clarins uses over 250 natural plant extracts in its formulas. All are carefully selected for their effectiveness and are delivered in an optimal formula to reveal the beauty of every woman. Unique expertise and one which protects our planet's biodiversity.

Iconic products
that are constantly
being improved

Constant innovation to meet the beauty needs of women and continuous perfecting of what exists. With this objective in mind, Clarins has created many revolutionary industry firsts. Problem-solving products that really do deliver results with a choice of textures and application techniques to boost their effectiveness. Pioneering innovations, formulas that are constantly reinvented and best-sellers that stand the test of time, Clarins has made bold innovation its signature.


Instant Light
Natural Lip



Body Lift

Instant Smooth
Perfecting Touch

Extra Firming


Two serums powered by 20 potent anti-ageing plant extracts targeting all aspects of skin ageing in one complete intensive treatment.

Its soft gel texture nourishes, protects and visibly plumps lips. Its delicious scent of vanilla and caramel is utterly addictive.

This unique balm instantly erases signs of fatigue and restores skin’s radiance. 30 years of success and counting!

The best from plants perfectly formulated to restore vitality and radiance to thirsty skin. 100% pure plant extracts equals 100% well-being.

A formula enriched with powerful plant extracts ready to act at every level of cellular rejuvenation, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

This award winning primer is the perfect combination of make-up and skin care. With a light, smooth texture it glides on, filling in and smoothing away the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

This expert day cream offers a "lift" effect upon application for immediate beauty results. It visibly reduces wrinkles and expression lines and gently shapes facial features to reveal the skin's natural beauty.

The iconic and invigorating fragrance that combines the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of plants. Smell good, feel good!


Back in 1954, Clarins started life as a beauty institute in Paris. From the very first Institute to today’s international network of Clarins Skin Spas in prestigious locations around the world, Clarins has maintained its magic formula: unique application methods to boost the effectiveness of its products. You’ll also leave the Skin Spa with some of our expert tips and tricks for your beauty routine.

Best of the best

The My Blend Spa by Clarins at the Royal Monceau Raffles in Paris won the title of "Best Spa 2012 – Best of the Best" in the Virtuoso awards.


Whatever your skin type or skin care concerns, with Clarins you’ll be able to find the right treatment for you. Let us guide you through our product range and create your own personalised skin care program.

Discover Skin Time

A Clarins Specialist will give you the very best tailor-made advice and recommend a personalised skin care routine as well as demonstrating professional application techniques to maximise the effectiveness of your products. Visit one of our counters to enjoy this complimentary service and receive a selection of personalised samples.


Make-up removal












Try before you buy

Because our products are our best ambassadors, we invite you to try them. What is your skin type? What are your concerns? Which texture do you prefer? So as to be sure to meet your individual beauty needs, most Clarins products are available in sample sizes: so why not give them a try?


Clarins Commitment:
to make life
more beautiful.

Clarins is committed to respecting nature and protecting biodiversity. We support local communities and purchase our raw materials in accordance with fair trade principles. We respect current and future generations. As a consumer and a world citizen, we hope that you share our commitment to protecting the environment.

The Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the Year Award recognises women who dedicate their lives to helping underprivileged children. 70 women have been recognised throughout the world. Sister Emmanuelle won the award in 2000.

Clarins is contributing to protecting our planet's biodiversity. In 2012, in the village of Li Guang (Liming, Yunnan) in China, Clarins set up a planting and training programme for the local community in partnership with the Pur Project. In the first year, 5,000 traditional medicinal plants were planted and village volunteers were trained in agricultural techniques.

In 2008 in Vin Kim, Vietnam, Clarins financed the building of a school for the local community. The village produces Vu Sua fruit (its main source of revenue) whose properties are at the heart of the bust firming range.

Clarins provides meals to children in partnership with the FEED project, which raises funds for the United Nations World Food Programme.

Clarins helps women living with cancer to stay beautiful by supporting organisations such as Etincelle and Look Good Feel Better.

In Madagascar, the country of origin for many plants included in its products (katafray, ambiaty, centella asiatica etc.), Clarins is supporting a project giving access to water to 10,000 people living in the Tulear region. New pumps and wells have been constructed.

Recognised for the public good it does, the Courtin Arthritis Foundation is the main privately initiated fund-raising organisation for severe rheumatism. It has already helped more than 600 projects with one common goal: to give back hope to the sick.

Jean-Pierre Nicolas, Doctor of Anthropology, ethno-botanist, and founder of Gardens of the World. Winner of the 1st Clarins Men Environmentalist of the Year Award. Clarins actively supports this association, which aims to improve the health of those who do not have access to conventional medicines, through the use of medicinal plants.

Every product
has a secret

Always ready to listen, do more and do better. This is the Clarins story. In his beauty institute, Jacques Courtin-Clarins was deeply committed to encouraging women to share their views about his products. Our products and application techniques are the result of over 50 years' dialogue with our clients.

Customer service, beauty consultants, counter managers, marketeers, R&D scientists... Behind every Clarins product is a team of dedicated men and women whose mission is to make your life even more beautiful. It is more than a job, it is a passion.

Melody Chen
Marketing Director,

Elaine Vuong
Training Project Manager,

Capucine Arfeuillère
Skin Care Development Marketing,

Israël Perez
Visual Merchandiser,

Dominique Rist
Director of International Training & Skin Care Development,

Malika Yahshiboeva
Assistant Counter Manager,

Sylvie Sola
International Training Director,

Kelthum Elminai
Assistant Counter Manager,

Sonia Gagnaire
Consumer Studies Manager,

Christopher Truffa
Brand Ambassador

Eric Antoniotti
Make-Up Artist,

Grégory Saussez
Consumer Service Manager,

Delphine Dubois
Quality Control Manager,

Zue Jun
Beauty Advisor,

Caroline Opel
Make-Up R&D,

Olga Komrakova
Make-up Artist,

Leona Low
Customer Service and Training Project Manager,

Brenton Kearley
Vice President of Sales,

Marie-Astrid Leblanc
Relational Marketing Assistant,

Sandro Allenbach
Make-Up Trainer,











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