The Laboratory

Very high level accreditations

The production unit in Pontoise (north of Paris) obtained the Ecocert certification, a quality control and certification organization that is managed by French public authorities. In 2007, Clarins Laboratories received the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) accreditation from the French Health Ministry for their cellular culture unit. They are the first premium skin care laboratory to receive this accreditation which validates the tolerance studies of very specialized formulas. In the past, these have been reserved for medications.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Following a Carbon Study, goals were set to reduce the impact of packaging material and transportation, reduce air freight, limit business trips (choosing video conferencing instead,) encourage the use of energy-efficient equipment for lighting and heating, reduce water consumption and improve the quality of waste water. Similar economic and environmental imperatives concerning limiting useless production and improving the supply chain have been put in place as well. Industrial waste is collected and sorted; then systematically transformed into perfectly safe substances that will not harm the environment.

Did you know?

Clarins set a global objective to reduce greenhouse gases by 20% by the year 2012. The most important reductions planned concern packaging and POP material, freight and business travel as well as energy.