Interview with Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins

“Several hundreds of plant species, from all over the world, are used to create our products.”

1 // Does the early Clarins motto "plants and nothing but plants" apply to the brand today?

Clarins has always favored using natural ingredients. Today, if given a choice between a synthetic ingredient and its plant-derived equivalent, we always choose the plant.

Several hundreds of plant species, from all over the world, are used to create our products.

2 // What can you tell us about the research performed by Clarins?

Clarins dedicates a substantial amount of revenue and resources to skincare research each year. The scientific discoveries made possible by this research help in developing new products and improving current formulations.

Additionally, the company has been assigned a number of patents since its inception, a testament to its excellence in advancing the science of skincare.

3 // Clarins was the first to develop cosmetic products that protect the skin against pollution. Please tell us about that.

Urban pollution, often made up of gas, industrial emissions, cigarette smoke and corrosive particles in the air, constitutes a permanent danger to the skin. Since the skin is in constant contact with the environment, it is vulnerable to premature aging, and a loss of radiance and suppleness.

Clarins was the first to take notice of this phenomenon. After years of research and rigorous testing, the first "Anti-Pollution" Complex was formulated in 1991.

This complex is based entirely on natural plant extracts and today many Clarins day-time skincare and make-up treatments incorporate this high-performance ingredient.

4 // What tests do you carry out during product development to ensure that the products made are safe and effective?

Extensive measures are taken to ensure that our products are safe and effective.

5 // What apart from its environmental focus makes Clarins one of the top skincare and cosmetic brands?

Clarins has always been recognized and appreciated by women around the world. Not only has it mastered how to create a product without harming the environment, but it has become a pioneer in developing the finest textures, application methods, scents and colors.

Clarins is a specialist in skincare. It has the capability to constantly improve and enrich existing products, thanks to the ongoing dialogue between itself and the customer.