Super Restorative Wake-Up Lotion

Wake up to smoother skin

Skin Type: All skin types
Texture: Lotion

Exhausted skin? Wake-up refreshed! Clarins’ exclusive blend of Green Coffee, Oat Sugars, Hibiscus and Pueraria Lobata help reduce the appearance of fine lines, puffiness and sleep marks that can effect skin over 50. Smoothes-away impurities, restoring a fresh, healthy-looking glow. For an added boost of vitality, use each morning after cleansing and before Super Restorative Serum.

    How to apply
125 ml
Wake-Up Lotion
Wake-Up Lotion
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Application Tips

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- Pueraria Lobata - helps boost cell activity and collagen production, while soothing the skin.

- Green coffee extract - rich in caffeine, energizes skin, helping it look more vital and radiant.

- Ginseng root - reinforces energizing action of caffeine, adds vitality.

- Oat Sugars, extracted from the plant's seeds, work as a natural skin-tightening agent, and help smooth appearance of imperfections on skin's surface.

- Hibiscus extract - remove excess dry skin cells and brightens skin.

- Butcher?s Broom (Ruscus) ? helps eliminates toxins and reduce puffiness.
Did you know?

Pueraria lobata respecting biodiversity
Pueraria lobata tends to overtake the surfaces where it grows and this vigorous growth can hinder the development of surrounding plants. Consequently, it needs to be curbed by controlled cutting and uprooting. It's during this process, which is vital to preserve biodiversity, that Clarins collects the roots containing the active ingredients used in its Super Restorative range. As a responsible company, Clarins is thus respecting its permanent objective: to collect the most effective plant extracts while preserving the environment.