Super Restorative Day & Night anti-ageing care results


Twice the proven effectiveness

8 out of 10 women said their skin looked more lifted, denser and more even after using the duo* *Satisfaction test - Day and Night Formulas for all skin types -
44 women aged 50+ - After 4 weeks

During the day

Wrinkle depth reduced***
Amount of wrinkles***
*Skin ultrasound - 42 women, effective for 3 months
** Cutometry – 42 women, effective for 3 months
*** Skin surface – 42 women, effective for 3 months

At night

Reduced anti-ageing spots
After 1 month*
After 2 months*
When waking up
Fresher complexion**
Softer skin**
*Analysis of images – 46 women aged 50+ – intensity at the centre of the spot
**Satisfaction test – Night formula for all skin types – 128 women aged 50+

Increased sensoriality

'Intelligent', ultra-sensorial textures.

“Its texture has a true 'second skin' effect!”

According to 96% of women*

Sensual and smooth,
brightens instantly

*Satisfaction test – Day formula for all skin types.
99 women after 4 weeks

A bold fragrance
Its scent opens with a fresh, delicately floral top note of jasmine, followed by a fruity and powdery heart of rose, violet and peach, resting on a warm woody-vanilla base.

“It provides comfort and a feeling of well-being”

According to 89% of women*

With a creamy, melting texture, it provides skin with total comfort to restore velvety, supple skin in the morning.

*Satisfaction test – Night formula for all skin types.
128 women aged 50+ after 4 weeks