Super Restorative Day & Night anti-ageing care active ingredients


A fusion of the best
of Science and Nature

As part of its ongoing desire to innovate, the Clarins Laboratories work to advance their knowledge of your skin.

Two fundamental scientific discoveries

  • 1. Replenish

    The hormone-deprived fibroblast plays a key role in loss of skin density

    Clarins Research has identified two genes which, as a result of hormone deficiencies, modify the morphology of fibroblast, leading to changes in its metabolic activity. These cells no longer fulfil their role of 'producing youthful skin'. An achievement which has revolutionised our understanding of female skin; a discovery which has served to enrich the Super Restorative line.

    Loss of density at all levels of the skin
    Loss of density at all levels of the skin
  • 2. Correct age spots

    The mature fibroblast plays a key role in the formation of age spots

    Until now, cosmetic research has focused on the role of the melanocyte, a cell in the epidermis responsible for melanin production, to target and correct age spots. Pioneering Clarins Research, in collaboration with experts in the area of skin pigmentation, investigated a new field of research and revealed the key role of the mature fibroblast in the formation of age spots.


Two exceptional discoveries from nature

Montpellier rock-rose

Montpellier rock-rose

Extraordinary organic extract

It targets the main sources of dark spots caused by the mature fibroblast to help visibly reduce them.

Montpellier rock-rose

The 'phoenix' plant that rises from its ashes and helps restore a more even complexion.

Organic Harungana

Organic Harungana

Exclusive organic extract

This 'healing' tree of Madagascar possesses the powerful ability to restore the shape of deprived fibroblasts and reactivate them in order to boost the skin’s density and youthfulness. Taking inspiration from nature and its uses in traditional medicine, the Clarins Laboratories have extracted an exclusive organic Harungana extract with exceptional replenishing power from its leaves.

Committed to responsible beauty

Because at Clarins, we believe beauty should be ethical and committed to the environment, only the leaves of the Harungana are harvested. This way, the tree itself, along with its healing properties, are preserved. In the north of Madagascar, controlled harvesting is carried out within a fair trade framework, in partnership with the association Jardins du monde and local populations.

“Biodiversity equals life. To protect it is to give meaning to our lives” Christian Courtin-Clarins

The Harungana, also known as "the tree with praying hands", is a tree native to Madagascar which contributes to reforestation by repopulating damaged areas of the forest. A tree with healing properties, it is often used in traditional Madagascan medicine for treating wounds.