Super Restorative anti-ageing care for eyes active ingredients


A concentrate
of nature

At the heart of this anti-ageing innovation is
a concentrate of nature.

A powerful, replenishing formula at its core

  • Replenished skin
  • Diminished deep wrinkles
  • Lifted eyelids

Organic Harungana

At the origin of the deterioration of these signs, which define the eyes' youthfulness: loss of density. To fight against this, Clarins has put a concentrate of nature containing exclusive organic Harungana extract at the core of the formula. This extract comes from a Madagascan tree traditionally said to have 'healing' properties. Proven more effective than retinol, it is combined with an anti-ageing tetrapeptide to replenish skin at all levels**.


This Madagascan tree, which traditionally is said to have 'healing' properties, has revealed exceptional regenerative abilities. In traditional medicine, it has known healing power. In nature, it encourages forest regrowth. For Clarins, it replenishes the skin.

Powerful dark circle- and puffiness-fighting active ingredients.

  • Diminished dark circles
  • Decreased puffiness


The extract derived from this Asian tree (daintily nicknamed the 'silk tree') helps prevent and slow down the onset of age-related dark circles*. Its dark circle-fighting action is boosted by horse chestnut, an active ingredient known for its draining properties.


Native to South East Asia, Albizia was introduced to Europe in the 18th century by an Italian botanist, who was captivated by the beauty of this delicate tree. Clarins Laboratories use the extract of albizia for its ability to inhibit glycation – the rigidification and degradation of collagen fibres – and to protect the walls of blood vessels in order to fight against dark circles that appear with age.


Its caffeine-rich extract helps decrease puffiness*.


Native of Amazonia, guarana was traditionally cultivated by the Guarani Indians who considered it to be a sacred plant. In cosmetics, guarana seed is used for its high caffeine content, which stimulates the triggering factor in fat drainage.

  • *In vitro tests
  • **In vivo and ex vivo tests.