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Pueraria lobata
This exotic plant originates from China and Japan. Commonly called the « kudzu vine », it produces clinging vine-like shoots. It was introduced last century to the United States for its wonderful purple flowers, as a rich source of nutrients for the soil and its ability to slow down erosion with roots which can reach up to two metres in length. The pueraria is used in Asian cooking as a starch to thicken dishes. Above all, it has an incredible rate of growth, over 300m a year, which explains its Latin name of Pueraria lobata, meaning « always young ». The plant's vigorous growth greatly interested Clarins Research team and tests demonstrated that the roots contained exceptional anti-ageing properties. In particular they are a rich source of isoflavones, which boost the activity of cells deprived of hormonal influences. As a result, the skin's capacity to retain water is restored, cell renewal is accelerated and the synthesis of collagen is increased. The skin becomes firmer and the appearance of wrinkles is reduced.

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