Shaping Facial Lift Wrap

Tightening effect

Skin Type: Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry
Texture: Cream

This deliciously rich cream-mousse with extracts of Chinese barley and organic ginkgo biloba is a quick-fix lifting treatment for puffiness caused by sleep, stress or heat. Within just 10 minutes, sensations of heaviness are reduced, the skin texture is tightened, lines are smoothed away and repositioned. An essential complement to your everyday Lifting and Firming facial treatments, experts in contouring the face using plant extracts.

Dermatologically tested, does not encourage blackheads.

    How to apply
75 ml
Shaping Facial Lift Wrap
Shaping Facial Lift Wrap
Chinese barley extract: helps eliminate water that has built up in the tissues.
Ginkgo biloba extract: helps prevent new puffiness from appearing.
Chayote extract: moisturizes and softens the skin's surface.
Parsley extract: helps clarify the complexion.
White clay: absorbs impurities and excess sebum. Its astringent effect helps tighten pores.