Plane Tree Platanus occidentalis

Location: France
In Greek, «platanos » means big, a characteristic that the Plane tree develops easily in favorable conditions. There is a Plane tree in Kos, Greece that is 2000 years old and whose trunk has a circumference of 14 meters. Could its imposing size and surprising resistance be due to its bark's specific revitalizing process? When mature, the bark transforms into large scales called rhytidomes, which then slough off to reveal a soft, smooth new bark. It is this vegetal "molting" that inspired the idea in Greek mythology to choose the Plane tree as the symbol of revitalization. This particularity also intrigued scientists. During their research, they discovered betulinic acid in the tree's bark. Already used in Clarins sun care products for its capacity to remove deficient cells and maintain optimal cellular integrity, betulinic acid is also capable of slowing down the proliferation of cells where hair begins its growth.

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