Bocoa Bocoa prouacensis

Location: Amazon
Surprisingly resistant and oh so precious, this tree from the Amazonian forest is characterized by its exceptional longevity of more than 1000 years. With the help of ethnobotanists, specialists of the Guyana forest, Clarins Laboratories unveiled the medicinal use of Bocoa. They discovered and patented its remarkable cosmetic properties. Bocoa is used for the first time exclusively by Clarins. Exceptionally solid. Bocoa wood is exceptionally resistant (which is where its nickname « iron wood » comes from). Extremely dense, it is highly prized in the making of musical instruments and high-quality furniture making. Traditional uses. The leaves and bark of the Bocoa tree are considered to have magical powers by the Saramaca Indians. They use them in their « strength bath » concoction for their invigorating, stimulating and energizing benefits.

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