Super Restorative Night Wear 'Very Dry Skin'

Restore skin density and promote an even-looking complexion

Texture: Cream

An intensive night time treatment that meets the specific needs of very dry skin challenged by hormonal changes due to the ageing process.
Exclusive organic Harungana extract, a 'healing' tree from Madagascar, replenishes the skin at all levels* while an extraordinary plant extract, Montpelier cistus (a 'phoenix' plant), boosts complexion uniformity**.
Night after night, the skin is replenished, lifted and unified. Intensely nourished and moisturised, it is left radiant and glowing with beauty.

• Replenishes the skin at all levels, lifts and combats slackening
• Helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and boosts complexion uniformity
• Awakens skin radiance
• Hydrates and nourishes

Dermatologically tested. Non-comedogenic.

* In vivo et ex vivo tests.**In vitro tests.

    How to apply
50 ml
Night Wear 'Very Dry Skin'
Night Wear 'Very Dry Skin'
• Exclusive organic Harungana extract: Reactivates deficient fibroblasts* (the 'conductors of skin youthfulness') and stimulates the production of collagen* to help replenish the dermis and reduce the appearance of deep wrinkles and skin slackening.
Anti-ageing tetrapeptide: Boosts night-time epidermal renewal to promote skin regeneration and a replenishing effect in the epidermis*.
• Montpelier cistus: Targets the deep causes of dark spots* to visibly reduce their appearance. Boosts evenness of the complexion.
• Hexylresorcinol: A leading anti-dark spot active ingredient that inhibits melanin synthesis*. Its recognised effectiveness helps correct dark spots and slow down their reappearance.
• Ginkgo biloba extract: Awakens the skin's pink radiant glow.
• Hyaluronic acid complex: Helps restore the skin's moisture reserves deep down** and rebuild the protective hydrolipidic film at the skin's surface. The skin feels softer and moisturised.
• Shea butter: Nourishes the skin. Restores its comfort and suppleness.
• Mango butter: Combats skin dryness, intensely nourishes.

* In vitro test.
**Ex vivo test.