Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint

An intense, radiant tan!

Skin Type: All skin types

This intense self-tanner promotes that envious, tropical-looking tan for any skin tone. The tinted liquid offers an easy and streak-free application and dries quickly. You will see an immediate bronze colour that will deepen and develop over several hours. The vitamin-packed and long-lasting formula will keep your skin soft and give it a rich, tanned appearance day after day.

    How to apply
125 ml
Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint
- Clarins boosted its famous self-tanning duo of DHA (now at 8%) and Erythrulose to promote a rich, tropical appearance.

- Vitamin E helps protect skin from harmful free radicals.

- Ultra moisturizing Aloe Vera keep skin soft and hydrated.

- Cocoa helps skin maintain an intense and radiant-looking tan, longer.