Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant

Long-lasting antiperspirant

This delicately-scented, alcohol-free deodorant — with Buchu Leaf, Witch Hazel and Rosemary extracts — helps regulate the flow of perspiration to keep you feeling dry and smelling fresh all day long. Gentle enough to use after shaving. Ideal for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

    How to apply
50 ml
Gentle Care Roll-On Deodorant
  • Farnesol: deodorizes. Traditionally, African fishermen rub these leaves between their hands to remove the fish odor (Neutralizes the bacteria responsible for the formation of odors while respecting the skin's natural balance
  • Anti-perspirant Aluminium Chlorohydrate: acts on the surface of the skin to reduce the size of the pores and slow down perspiration without blocking it.
  • Witch Hazel extract: tightens the pores and reduces the sweat flow, refreshes the skin)
  • Bisabolol: provides skin care benefits, softens and soothes. /li>
  • Buchu, Rosemary: destress
  • Witch hazel: protects against free radicals.