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The next generation of Extra-Firming is here

DISCOVER the pro-firming duo that rejuvenates your skin

  • Reduces wrinkles, firms and lifts
  • Evens the complexion
  • Provides moisture and comfort
  • Fights pollution and free radicals

Extra Firming

Kangaroo paw



How does it work?


Science has the answers

Here are our latest exclusive scientific and botanical breakthroughs that rejuvenate your skin.

2018 firmness innovation


Reactivate firmness at the source

For the first time, Clarins Laboratories has DISCOVERed the source of firmness
in zones where young cells gather and hold immense regenerating
Research shows that these reserves are depleted as we age. And it shows:
skin loses firmness, wrinkles appear and facial contours are less defined.

The Clarins answer


Kangaroo paw

The ethnobotanists at Clarins travelled to Australia to study kangaroo paw. The flowers that grow at the end of its stem increase the plant’s ability to propagate by attracting pollinating birds—just like the group of young cells helps the skin regenerate itself.

Constant innovation


Fortifying the firmness bonds

The last generation of Extra-Firming creams provided the best firming action by impacting all the elements of firmness* as well as the connections that anchor fibres to skin cells. In 2018, Clarins is boosting this action with a new plant-derived active ingredient.

*elastin fibres, collagen fibres and fibroblasts

The Clarins answer


Organic girdlepod

Clarins sourced a new organic girdlepod extract in Burkina Faso that has a triple action on collagen and elastin fibres and on the firming bonds that visibly improve the skin's elasticity and firmness. Your face stays as expressive as ever without creasing.

Night chronobiological innovation


We regenerate at night.

The skin has its own rhythm. During the day, it fights off external aggressors like pollution, free radicals, UV rays, and stress. Night-time is when it rests and reaches the peak of regeneration, especially during the “golden hours” between 11:00 PM and 2:00 AM.

Slowing momentum


By comparing the nocturnal activities of young and old fibroblasts, Clarins DISCOVERed that two of their regenerating activities slow down with age.

The Clarins answer



Lasso the moon for the best nocturnal regeneration! Better yet, hydrated moonstone silica extract. By acting on the fibroblast’s two nocturnal mechanisms affected by age, it helps optimise the skin’s nocturnal regenerating process.

Additional actions


Clarins skincare expertise

Extra-Firming is a line of skincare products that rejuvenate your skin – but that’s not all! These formulas provide the latest scientific and botanical breakthroughs in caring for the skin.

Moisture and comfort


Back to basics

Firm skin means perfectly hydrated skin, so all the day and night Extra-Firming skincare products contain our finest active plant ingredients for moisture and comfort.




Traditionally, shea butter and shea oil, which are rich in fatty acids, help nourish and protect the skin. In cosmetics, shea unsaponifiables soothe and protect the skin. Clarins Laboratories uses organic shea butter.



Organic leaf of life extract

Organic leaf of life extract helps boost the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. Your skin’s capacity to retain moisture is restored thereby promoting perfect hydration. The extract used by Clarins Laboratories is organic.

Anti-pollution protection


Stop premature ageing

Your skin needs as much protection as it can get against external aggressors, so the new Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex prevents ageing of the skin by targeting all the harmful effects of internal and external pollutants.

Skin barrier function



A red algae common to the coasts of the North Atlantic, furcellaria loves light. We extract the water-soluble gum, which is used in food for its thickening, gelling and stabilising properties. In cosmetics, furcellaria extract helps protect pollution-exposed skin against dehydration.

Antioxidant No. 1


Organic sanicle

In the Middle Ages, the first medical “school” in the West classified it as a cure-all. Its reputation declined in the early 20th century, only to come back stronger a short time later in the cosmetic field. Rich in antioxidant rosmarinic acid, organic sanicle extract helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

Antioxidant No. 2


African ebony tree

The African ebony tree is revered by local populations because it provides multiple benefits, primarily medicinal. Its leaves are used to treat skin conditions, such as scarring. In cosmetics, African ebony extract protects the skin against the harmful effects of pollution and free radicals.

Stimulating our natural defences


Organic succory dock-cress

It has long been used to heal scabies and soothe irritation caused by breastfeeding (hence its name “nipplewort”). In cosmetics, succory dock-cress extract, with its anti-free radical properties, helps stimulate the skin’s natural defences against environmental aggressors.

All-over radiance


Long live glowing skin!

As we age and our hormones change, the skin is increasingly susceptible to pigmentation issues and dullness. Don't worry! Extra-Firming contains active ingredients that fight dull complexions.

Even complexion


Desert date

It is an integral part of daily life in the dry regions of Africa and Asia where it's used as food for humans and livestock, a medicinal plant, building material and fuel. Organic desert date extract selected by Clarins research helps slow down skin hyper-pigmentation.

Instant smoothing effect


Instant beauty pick-me-up

At 40, the years of going at full blast are behind you. Even if you handled that time like a pro, it starts to show on your face. That’s why our skin needs a little boost now and then to look its best.

The Clarins answer


Organic oat sugars

Long known at Clarins Laboratories for their instant toning effect, oat sugars are your best friends for erasing wrinkles and reviving your face as a whole.

Make it glow


Acerola seed

By reactivating the skin’s oxygenation process, it brings back radiance, which acts against the dulling effect that fatigue can have on your skin.

Does it work?


That's the most important question!

The effectiveness of our products is a top priority. That is why they all undergo a series of clinical and consumer tests. But, naturally, the ultimate test is when you use it at home!

Experts prove it


After four weeks of use, the three criteria
for firm skin are significantly improved:

9.4%*HIGHER RESILIENCE(the skin’s ability to withstand stretching)

17%**BETTER FIRMNESS(the skin’s ability to withstand pressure)

16%*IMPROVED ELASTICITY(the skin’s ability to return to its original shape after stretching)

*Clinical test of 34 women over 40, who applied Extra-Firming Day - Normal Skin for four weeks.

** Clinical test of 22 women over 40, who applied Extra-firming Day – Normal skin for four weeks

Women approve


89%* of women say it's the pro duo for firm skin that lasts longer.

Skin is regenerated91.5%*

Skin is more radiant89%*

Skin is smoother84%*

*Satisfaction test – Extra-Firming Day All Skin Types & Extra-Firming Night All Skin Types
– 107 women – 14 days.

The Clarins Bonus


What makes us different

At Clarins, we are constantly concerned with the quality and effectiveness of our products. More than that, every day our teams strive to combine effectiveness with skincare that is pleasant to use, all while ensuring it respects nature and people.

The face gym


Give your face a workout!

In addition to your Extra-Firming Day & Night skincare routine, do these three exercises every day to tone and firm up your facial muscles. Pick a quiet time, get comfortable sitting or standing with your back straight, and GO!



Instantly tightens features

Open your mouth and smile as widely as you can while lifting the outer corners of the lips.

Muscles worked:
Zygomaticus muscles and risorius

Facial contours


Fights sagging skin

Open your mouth and push the tongue against the back of your upper teeth as hard as you can.

Muscle worked:

Nasolabial fold


Reduces appearance of the nasolabial fold

Open your mouth to form an O, then curl your upper lip over the gums.

Muscle worked:

Sensory experience


And we certainly never forget about feeling great!

In addition to unprecedented anti-ageing effectiveness, the new Extra-Firming creams offer everything women love in a cream: ultra-sensory textures, an irresistible scent and a modern look!

Day creams


Totally irresistible

The soft and enveloping Extra-Firming textures provide an instant feeling of comfort and a firming effect.

Melting texture 93.5%*

*Satisfaction test – Extra-Firming Day All Skin Types – 107 women – 28 days.

  • Refreshing and silky

    Extra-Firming Day - All Skin Types Extra-Firming Day -
    All Skin Types

    Extra-Firming Day SPF 15 - All Skin Types Extra-Firming Day SPF 15 - All Skin Types   DISCOVER

  • Rich and airy

    Extra-Firming Day - For Dry Skin Extra-Firming Day -
    For Dry Skin

Night creams


Instant pampering

The soft and enveloping Extra-Firming textures provide an instant feeling of comfort and a firming effect.

Creamy texture 94.4%*

*Satisfaction test – Extra-Firming Night All Skin Types – 109 women – 28 days

  • Comfortable and melting

    Extra-Firming Night - All Skin Types Extra-Firming Night -
    All Skin Types

  • Rich and enveloping

    Extra-Firming Day - For Dry Skin Extra-Firming Night -
    For Dry Skin

Sustainable development


Caring about the future

The Extra-Firming line exemplifies the brand’s commitment to preserving biodiversity and making life better for future generations.

Recycled materials


Caring about our resources

25% of our recycled glass and boxes comes from sustainably managed forests
Clarins helps protect natural resources by sourcing sustainable materials and promoting a circular economy that puts the raw materials from recycling back into circulation.

Organic active ingredients


Caring about biodiversity

85% of the active ingredients in the Extra-Firming line are derived from plants, and half of them are organic.

Fair trade


Caring about people

Three fair-trade agreements are in partnership with the Jardins du Monde association. The purchase price for leaf of life, girdlepod, and African ebony tree includes a contribution to improve the economic and social development of the people who harvest them.

Extraction method


Caring about the environment

A new biomimetic extraction method that respects the plant and the environment: NADES*

> Biomimetic extraction is inspired by the plant intracellular environment utilised to extract low-soluble molecules in the lipid and aqueous phases, which before then had been difficult to extract with conventional extraction methods.

> Agri-sourced biodegradable green solvents

*Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents