Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance

Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance celebrates its 25th birthday this year!
And is at the heart of our success!


A cult product
for 25 years

One bottle of Eau Dynamisante is sold every 25 seconds around the world.

Created in 1987, by the brilliant intuition of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, Eau Dynamisante was the first eau de toilette to combine the seductive aroma of plants with their therapeutic benefits. A radically new cosmetic concept invented by Clarins - fragrance and skin care in one.

25 years after it was first launched, the number one Treatment Fragrance has lost none of its youthful vitality. On sale in over 130 countries, it continues to seduce both men and women and its legendary red bottle continues to stand the test of time...

The Creator

"For as long as I can remember, plants have always been the basis of my products and the centre of my attention. And yet, one day I realised something that, until then, had never occurred to me: some plants smell wonderful. And some plants have therapeutic benefits. So I thought why not combine plants that have both a nice perfume and the therapeutic benefits in the same product. It's a marriage between aromatherapy and skin care."

Jacques Courtin-Clarins

Dynamic Women

A symbol of vitality and generosity, Eau Dynamisante has lent its name to the Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the year Award for 15 years.

A long-lasting commitment
Created in 1997, the Clarins Most Dynamisante Woman of the year Award honors women and provides long-term support to their charitable projects in order to bring happiness, hope and dignity to children who have been affected by violence, poverty and/or disease.

A kind and loving family
Today there are over 60 Most Dynamisante Women in 13 countries. Thousands of children throughout the world have benefited from the prize money.


The Benefits

Vitality, Freshness, Firmness
• A refreshing citrus fragrance that firms as well as scents the skin and lifts the senses.

• An invigorating fragrance that promotes energy and vitality through its therapeutic aromas.

Skin Care Benefits
• Renews and firms the skin.
• Stimulates micro-circulation to promote smooth, supple skin.
• Moisturises, soothes and softens.

Non photo-sensitising formula
Loves the sun
Feel great
Smell great

The Ingredients

A wonderful alchemy of eight essential oils and seven plant extracts.

Smell great!
Its bouquet of delicately woody citrus and cyprus notes, essential oils of orange, lemon, lavender and patchouli give it its fresh uplifting fragrance, which lifts the mood and revitalises.

Feel great!
Energising extracts of ginger and ginseng. Extracts of aloe to moisturise, horsegrass to tone and firm and ispaghul to soften... A heady botanical cocktail that instantly gives your skin vitality, freshness and firmness.

The Eau Dynamisante

The Eau Dynamisante collection has a new look.

Fragranced Gentle Deodorant

Works wonderfully well with Eau Dynamisante, this deodorant prevents and neutralises body odour without interfering with the natural perspiration process. Giving long-lasting freshness throughout the day.

Shower Mousse

A simple push action releases this fabulously rich, creamy mousse, which cleanses the skin, neutralises the drying effects of hard water, softens and delicately perfumes the skin.

Moisturizing Body Lotion

A light, fresh body lotion that tones and leaves the skin silky-soft, with the subtle notes of Eau Dynamisante.

Shower Gel

Whether in the shower or the bath, this frothy gel gently cleanses the skin leaving it soft and supple. Its uplifting scent creates an intense sensation of freshness and well-being.

Eau Dynamisante

The Treatment Fragrance which combines the power of plants' aromas and therapeutic benefits to help you feel invigorated and energised.



Eau Dynamisante

The first all-in-one fragrance and skin care which combines the aromas and therapeutic benefits of plants so you can “smell great and feel great.”

Application Tip
To feel fresh and energised throughout the day, spray Eau Dynamisante on pulse points starting at the ankles and working up your body.


Eau Ressourçante

A wonderful fresh fragrance that gives you a feeling of relaxation, serenity and well-being - thanks to the aromas and therapeutic benefits of plants.

Application Tip
A few sprays in the air, on your pillow and on each pulse point creates a moment of calm serenity at bedtime.


Sunshine Fragrance

The aroma of happiness and summer months in a bottle. Enjoy the fun-loving essence of summer!

Application Tip
Can be worn alone or over Sunshine Fragrance Moisturizing Body Lotion to maximise the good-mood effect.

Eau des Jardins

Uplifting freshness with notes of citrus zest, rose and woody notes. Find all the enchantment of a secret garden in this beautiful fragrance.

Application Tip
Spritz generously all over the body to surround yourself in the joys of an English garden.


Refillable and recyclable Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance

Working even harder for the environment, 25 years on.


The new eco-designed packaging

The Clarins commitment

In 2013, Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance packaging will become eco-designed, continuing Clarins commitment to environmentally-friendly beauty.

But what exactly is eco-design?
Eco-design is a preventive approach based on considering the environment when designing or improving a product. The aim of this approach is to improve the ecological quality of the product; in other words to reduce negative environmental impacts throughout its life cycle, whilst retaining its quality of use (source: ADEME, French Agency for the Environment and Energy).


The new eco-designed packaging

A 4-step improvement approach

Step 1.
Refillable bottle

The eco-designed Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance bottle features a removable pump, enabling it to be refilled. Once empty, it can be refilled as many times as necessary using a 200ml or 500ml* Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance refill bottle.

Step 2.
Separable bottle

The separate components of the bottle come apart so they can be recycled.** The glass bottle can be recycled with other glass items, whilst the pump and cap will go in with ordinary household waste.

Step 3.
Lighter packaging

A multi-functional box: the spacer insert, user card and instructions are no longer included as the product information is now printed on the front and back of the box.

Step 4.
Recyclable box

The Eau Dynamisante Invigorating Fragrance cardboard box is made with paper from sustainably managed forests. After use, it can be recycled with other cardboard.

*Subject to availability. **In Europe and several other countries.

The new eco-designed packaging

Environmental benefits




Buy the
new Spray
& Splash 100ml

Refill twice with 200ml

Refill 5 times with 500ml

-15% (6L)

-24% (32L)

-63% (82L)

(52g equiv-CO2)

(864g equiv-CO2)

(1.4 kg equiv-CO2)

(15g less packaging)

(117g less packaging)

(347g less packaging)

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