The complete anti-ageing serum

With the power
of Two,

100 Beauty

A unique double formula
packed with 20 powerful
plant extracts that
revitalise millions
of skin cells




Discover Double Serum, the original Perfect Double
combining the power of nature and technology in 2 formulas.

*Awards granted by the international Press to Clarins Double Serum since 2013

Within two weeks I had multiple
compliments on how great my skin looks
and how I was glowing!”
***** Lidi, 36-45, San Francisco, CA, USA

The serum gave my skin instant even skin tone as well as absorbing the moisturiser.
I would never be without this.”
***** Jay3


Science & Plants

The best of nature:
a combination of 20 plants for
an optimal anti-ageing result.

Behind the pleasure and the efficiency of a finished
product lies a long scientific path. From the plant to
the product, Clarins weaves a never ending story.
Double Serum combines 20 carefully selected plant
extracts in their optimal concentration, and
a cang zhu extract in particular.

Clarins analyses and experiments plant properties to extract the most efficient molecules for optimal product results.

Did you know Since it began, Clarins has made a commitment in favour of biodiversity and responsible, sustainable development. Through special partnerships, Clarins is working for the preservation of nature over the long term and believes in “ethical beauty. As Christian Courtin-Clarins says: “Clarins’s vocation is to make life better for future generations”.

  •  Stimulates Cang zhu extract
    Cang zhu is a plant that grows in the mountains of northern and central China. It has been used since ancient times in Chinese medicine. The bitter-tasting root can be eaten cooked for its toning benefits and raw to fight water retention. In cosmetics, Clarins laboratories have demonstrated that through the intermediary of G-protein, the root extract improves the skin’s barrier function.
    ORIGIN: China PLANT EXTRACT: Root ACTION: Reinforce the performance of other Double Serum ingredients
  •  Hydration Katafray bark extract
    In traditional Madagascar medicine, a drink prepared from the bark is reputed to have tonic and febrifuge benefits and its essential oil is known for its fortifying and soothing actions. It was recently discovered that katafray bark extract helps improve the quality of the corneal layer and encourages the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. The extract used by Clarins laboratories – developed exclusively for the brand – is obtained through a process which preserves the biodiversity of the tropical forests, as part of a fair trade programme.
    ORIGIN: Madagascar PLANT EXTRACT: Bark ACTION: Encourages the skin’s natural hydration process to function efficiently
  •  Hydration Double molecular weight hyaluronic acid
    Obtained via biotechnology ACTION:
    Minimizes moisture loss on the skin’s surface
    Restores water reserves within the skin
  •  Hydration Marshmallow
    Marshmallow is a tall plant with very thick, airy leaves. Its soothing effects are outstanding and it is prescribed for skin irritation or inflammation. Children used to be given a piece of Marsh Mallow root to chew on when they were teething. It is particularly rich in soothing ingredients used in cosmetology. ORIGIN: Europe PLANT EXTRACT: Root ACTION: Enhances hydration and softness
  •  Hydration Burdock
    Found in temperate climates, this tall, sturdy biennial plant grows in meadows and open fields. The composition of the elongated root exerts a purifying, cleansing action. It has long been used in traditional medicine to relieve skin infections such as eczema and acne. ORIGIN: France PLANT EXTRACT: Root ACTION: Enhances hydration and softness
  •  Nutrition Kiwi
    The kiwi is an Asian shrub that has been cultivated in France since the Seventies. It was the New Zealanders who named it after their national bird. The oblong fruit is slightly acidic and its green flesh and contains an extraordinary number of vitamins. Also known as the fruit of 7 vitamins, it is the richest in vitamins C & E and possesses the highest concentration of nutrients. ORIGIN: Asia PLANT EXTRACT: Fruit ACTION: Helps facilitate absorption of nutrients
  •  Nutrition Organic Macadamia
    The Macadamia nut gives an oil that women rub into their skin and hair. It is known for being the "beauty secret” of Hawaiian women". The composition of this oil is similar to the body's sebaceous secretions, and essential fatty acids it contains have protective properties. ORIGIN: Australia PLANT EXTRACT: Seed ACTION: Nourishes and reinforces
  •  Nutrition Organic Perilla
    In Asia, they call it ‘shiso’ but perilla also has other names such as purple mint, Japanese basil or the beefsteak plant. It is widely used in Asian cuisine and in the medical field for its anti-allergenic and antioxidant virtues. Perilla seeds produce an oil which has a very high omega-3 content, an essential fatty acid the skin is unable to synthesise. In cosmetics, it is used for its restructuring and anti-dehydrating properties. The perilla oil used by Clarins Laboratories comes from organic farming. ORIGIN: Asia PLANT EXTRACT: Seed ACTION: Nourishing properties
  •  Oxygenation Musk rose
    Part of the wild rose family, this European shrub brightens hedgerows and thickets with its white and pink flowers and red-orange fruits. The fruits contains seeds, which when cold pressed produce an oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids. The musk rose oil used by Clarins Laboratories has demonstrated its ability to revitalise skin cells. ORIGIN: Europe PLANT EXTRACT: Seed ACTION: Improves oxygenation
  •  Oxygenation Maritime pine
    Maritime pine is a conifer of the pinaceae family. It can be recognised by its bark which splits and turns red as the tree grows. It is from this bark that Pycnogenol is extracted, a substance mainly composed of OligoProanthoCyanidins (OPC), components recognised for their anti-fre radical properties. Used in medicine to improve circulatory, cardiovascular and ophthalmic problems, Pycnogenol is an important active ingredient for Clarins Laboratories. It preserves the integrity of dermal fibers by protecting them against free radicals and internal degradations factors (metalloproteinases and glycation). ORIGIN: France PLANT EXTRACT: Bark ACTION: Enhances firmness and oxygenation
  •  Oxygenation Arnica
    This wild flower grows in high mountain pastures and is known in traditional pharmacopeia for its exceptional ability to treat bruises. Since then, arnica has continued to be a key remedy to help reduce bruising. It is so effective that researchers have taken a closer look at its chemical composition and have isolated active substances such as flavonoids and tannins which are at the origin of its soothing and circulatory properties. In cosmetics, arnica extract is used for its decongestive and calming qualities. ORIGIN: Europe PLANT EXTRACT: Flower ACTION: Calms and soothes
  •  Protection Pistacia lentiscus
    Unlike the pistachio tree, which provides us with nuts, pistacia lentiscus produces a very aromatic resin or mastic. Since ancient times, this Mediterranean shrub has been highly prized for its resin, which flows to the surface of the trunk and branches and is used to sweeten the breath, whiten teeth and treat pulmonary disorders. The pistacia lentiscus resin used by Clarins Laboratories comes from Chios, an island in the Aegean renowned for its production of this resin. ORIGIN: Mediterranean region PLANT EXTRACT: Gum oil ACTION: Helps reinforce skin’s barrier function
  •  Protection Sourwood
    Native to the eastern United States of America, sourwood is characterized by its majestic foliage and fragrant lily of the valley-like flowers in springtime. Its young leaves are highly prized in traditional medicine for their refreshing and diuretic properties. It is also much admired for its ornamental qualities especially in autumn when it puts on a spectacular display. ORIGIN: North America PLANT EXTRACT: Vegetal cells ACTION: Helps protect against internal aggressions
  •  Protection White Tea
    White tea is a rare, much sought after plant grown in China in the Fujian mountains. Drinking it was once considered a route to immortality and it gets its name from its silvery-white leaf buds. These are picked from the plant during the first days of spring. It is one of the rarest, most expensive teas in the world for several reasons: the harvest sometimes lasts just two days, the buds must be picked by hand, the production is on a very small scale and the manufacturing process is difficult. Unlike other teas, white tea does not undergo any fermentation. It is just withered and dried. This simple procedure preserves all the qualities of the leaf and explains why it is so rich in antioxidant flavonoids. In vitro tests carried out by Clarins Laboratories have proven that White Tea neutralizes up to 80% of free radicals, protects cell membranes and helps the skin to defend itself from pollution and other environmental aggressions. ORIGIN: China PLANT EXTRACT: Leaf ACTION: Helps fight free radicals
  •  Protection Quinoa
    For thousands of years, quinoa has grown on the Andean high plains and served as a staple food for its people. The Incas regarded it as a holy plant and worshipped its seeds. It is said that its very high protein and amino acid content played a major role in the spread of the Incan civilization. Abandoned on its high plateaus during the Spanish conquest of South America, quinoa was then rediscovered by westerners in the 1970s and its seeds are now eaten for their exceptional nutritional benefits. In cosmetics, quinoa seed extract helps nourish the skin and improve the quality of the corneal layer. The quinoa used by Clarins Laboratories and developed exclusively for the brand, is cultivated organically. ORIGIN: South America PLANT EXTRACT: Seed ACTION: Helps reinforce skin’s barrier function
  •  Regeneration Bocoa extract
    Bocoa, or “ironwood” is a tree from the Amazonian forest known for its long life and exceptionally resistant wood. With the help of ethnobotanists, specialists of the Guyana forest, Clarins Laboratories unveiled the medicinal use of bocoa. They discovered and patented its remarkable cosmetic properties. Bocoa is used for the first time exclusively by Clarins. Exceptionally solid. Bocoa wood is exceptionally resistant (which is where its nickname ‘iron wood’ comes from). Extremely dense, it is highly prized in the making of musical instruments and high-quality furniture making. The leaves and bark of the bocoa tree are considered to have magical powers by the Saramaca Indians. They use them in their ‘strength bath’ concoction for their invigorating, stimulating and energizing benefits.
    ORIGIN: Amazon PLANT EXTRACT: Bark ACTION: Enhances and protects skin firmness
  •  Regeneration Avocado
    Originally from tropical America, the fruit of the avocado tree was considered sacred by the Aztecs. Exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, it is an almost perfectly balanced nutritional element. Over the years, it has also been used as a remedy for migraines, respiratory disorders and skin disease. Clarins ORIGIN: Central America PLANT EXTRACT: Fruit ACTION: Moisturizes
  •  Regeneration Lemon thyme
    Lemon thyme is obtained by crossing wild thyme and common thyme and is distinctive for the strong lemon fragrance of its leaves. In traditional medicine, it is recommended for treating digestive problems. In cosmetics, studies carried out on lemon thyme extract have revealed the capacity to help prevent skin slackening
    ORIGIN: France PLANT EXTRACT: Flower ACTION: Reinforces skin and promotes firmness
  •  Regeneration Green banana
    Native to Southeast Asia, the banana is now found in tropical regions throughout the world. In traditional medicine, green banana is used externally for its healing properties. In cosmetics, green banana extract promotes the synthesis of collagen and the healthy organization of the dermal structure.
    ORIGIN: Southeast Asia PLANT EXTRACT: Fruit ACTION: Promotes firmness
  •  Regeneration Hop
    In the past, it was known as Devil's Wood, because it climbed up trees at the speed of a thousand devils and always counter-clockwise. Hops was introduced into France in the 12th century. The cone-shaped fruits are rich in essential oils, which have sedative and hypnotic properties. It is frequently used to treat anxiety and depressive states. Hops contain active principles that are precursors to vitamin D. ORIGIN: Peru PLANT EXTRACT: Fruit ACTION: TBC
  •  Regeneration Oat
    Used for centuries as a food and by herbalists, oat has become extremely popular since research revealed its high vitamin and mineral content. In cosmetics, oat helps to moisturise and soften the skin, while the sugars from the seed have extreme firming powers for an immediate smoothing effect. ORIGIN: France PLANT EXTRACT: Fruit ACTION: smoothing

This is amazing!! 20 plant extracts support the fact that this will beneficial to my skin. Trying this product showed me how it penetrates easily with a very aromatic scent.
In a few minutes my skin was left soft and supple. Clearly there was a difference between the side I didn’t use the serum on and the side I did. Can’t wait to see my results in 4 weeks” ***** US

Years of

Expertise & Efficiency

2 age-defying formulas
in 1 serum.

Clarins has always been a leader in innovation thanks to its recognised expertise and exclusive science of touch from the Spa. Double Serum has benefitted from 30 years of anti-ageing expertise. It is a unique formula that reactivates the skin’s 5 vital functions to offer a complete age-control treatment.
An efficiency awarded by a fantastic success, one Serum is sold every 30 seconds* around the world.
Still unequalled, Double Serum achieves what a single formula cannot: it provides skin cells with an optimum concentration of the best age control ingredients.
A precise dosage in one formula with the power of two, inspired by the biomimetic approach that leads Clarins to develop its most innovative products.

*Worldwide internal Clarins sales from August 2012 to May 2013

The Clarins’s scientific discoveries help in developing new innovative products for a recognised expertise and efficiency.

Did you know 5 vital functions are key to a youthful skin: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and regeneration are essential to preserve all skin types from first signs of ageing.
This successful and vitalising combination is henceforth in the Double Serum.

Double Serum is the only complete
age-control treatment to revitalise
and stimulate skin’s 5 vital function*.

  • ProtectionPrevention & Anti-ageing - Protects against premature skin ageing

    Double Serum stimulates the activity
    of 2 genes involved in skin protection.
  • HydrationSoftness & Comfort - Delays the appearance of wrinkles
    - Maintains skin’s softness & comfort

    Double Serum assures 75% more hydration up to 4 hours after application*.
    *In vivo test Hydration kinetic measurements on 12 volunteers
  • Nutrition Suppleness & Tone - Skin’s suppleness is restored

    Double Serum increases the speed at which
    nutrients penetrate the skin cells.
  • OxygenationRadiance & Luminosity - Skin regains its radiance

    Double Serum improves cell oxygenation*
    and the release of CO2 by cells of + 18%. *Test on reconstituted epidermis – Evaluation of the action
    of Double Serum on the release of CO2 in normal conditions
  • RegenerationFirmness & Elasticity - Maintains skin’s firm, smooth, dense appearance

    Double Serum boosts production of collagen by
    +915% and glycosaminoglycans by + 170%.

*The efficacy of Double Serum on all the parameters of beautiful, youthful skin was demonstrated
by a large-scale testing programme involving more than 400 women of all ages, skin types
and ethnicities: firmer skin, smoothed wrinkles, restored radiance, skin tone, less visible pores,
the beauty benefits have been visibly noted on all skin types.

My skin looks flawless and healthy.
My skin never looked so good, thanks Clarins.” ***** Valérie14, age 42, Illinois, USA


Innovation & Audacity

*Internal Clarins data-selling sales datas from August 2012 to May 2013

Constantly improves efficiency,
quality, and pleasure.

Thanks to pioneering innovations and formulas that are constantly reinvented and best-sellers that stand the test of time, Clarins has made bold innovation its signature. Double Serum is one of our best beauty success stories.
Its development was inspired by the skin’s hydrolipidic film and skin cells; both of which are based on oil and water. Double Serum’s unique [Hydric + Lipidic System] combines oil and water-based ingredients to deliver maximum results. This optimum ratio of ingredients would otherwise be impossible in a formula that contained only water or oil-soluble ingredients. A technological feat inspired by women for women.

Clarins researchers’ philosophy is always at the forefront
of innovation and audacity to increase the beauty results.

Did you know The high-tech double pump bottle allows for a perfect dosage of the formula, a balanced amount of product is automatically mixed upon application. This performance is made possible by the unique [Hydric + Lipidic System]. Two separate phases -one hydric, the other lipidic- presented in side-by-side vials with no risk of incompatibility or instability, and without recourse to emulsifiers.
The result is an exceptional -and exceptionally rapid- action.

  • 93% of women trust Double Serum After one week skin is smoother
    more radiant, toned
    and more even**.

**Consumer test, 194 women after 7 days.

First time I have used a product and am sure that it has made a difference. Added bonus that it feels silky to apply and has a subtle and pleasant fragrance.” ***** Mandy, age, 42, Crambidgeshire, UK


*Awards granted by the international Press to Clarins Double Serum since 2013

Love & Care

Because we love,
we care with Double Serum.

Loving women, taking their beauty concerns seriously, doing more, doing better and enjoying doing it. Since the past 60 years, Clarins continues to build a glowing future for you. A positive, authentic and generous beauty. Double Serum is the result of this dedication, a unique formula suitable for every skin type with visible proven results for women all around the world.

A perfect daily care for a radiant complexion and firmer skin.” ***** Joëlle, age, 55, Colmar France

Did you know The routine is key: 87% of women stated that Double Serum boosts the effectiveness of skin care applied afterwards.

Since the beginning, Clarins has listened to women
to truly understand their needs and developing effective
and safe skin care products.

The best one I have ever tried. My skin has been glowing ever since I started using this product.” ***** Orchideh, age, 38, New-york City, USA

Your daily anti-ageing routine

All you need is 30 seconds - morning and evening - to achieve young-looking skin.

  Anti-Aging Concern Double Serum Moisturiser Satisfaction
30 Multi Active Visibly diminishes
the appearance of early
lines and wrinkles.
Learn More Learn More Learn More
  • 87% Boosts the effectiveness
    of skin care*
40 Extra Firming Visibliy lifts, firms
and tones skin
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  • 86% Accelerates the firming
50 Super Restorative Replenishes
and firms mature skin
Learn More Learn More
  • 84% Accelerates the resplenishing

*Satisfaction test, 95 women, 4 weeks
**Satisfaction test, 122 women, 2 weeks, Double Serum + Extra-Firming Day All skin types
*** Satisfaction test, 124 women, 2 weeks, Double Serum + Super Restorative Day All skin types

Double Serum

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Multi-Active Night Youth Recovery Cream "Dry Skin"

Extra-Firming Day Wrinkle Lifting Cream "All Skin Types"

50 ml

Extra-Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream "All Skin Types"

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Super Restorative Day Cream 'All Skin Types'

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