DETOX Booster

Boost your skin. Boost your life.

Skin Type: All skin types

Skincare boosters are a new innovation from Clarins. The real-time answer to your occasional beauty needs linked to your lifestyle & environment. The Detox Booster is a high-concentrate formula specifically designed to target damaged skin. If your skin is suffering from the effects of a smokey environment, many late nights or even from the effects of pollution, the Detox Booster could be the right one for you. The Detox Booster is designed to reverse these effects ultimately achieving revived radiance and detoxified plumped skin. The Detox Booster has a unique application process that is both quick and easy. Simply add a couple of drops into your favourite Face Cream, Mask or Foundation. Use for a day, a week or a month depending on your skin’s needs. Boosters come in 3 different types, Energy, Repair and Detox.

    How to apply
15 ml
DETOX Booster
DETOX Booster DETOX Booster DETOX Booster
The beauty activator for neglected skin

Boost your life…
Boost your skin!

The beauty activator for neglected skin

The skin has its very own detox mechanism. But this built-in system is hampered by excess, pollution and cigarette smoke. This is when toxins begin to build up.

Clinically proven performance

This ultra-concentrated formula is enriched with extract of Green Coffee Bean, a natural plant source of caffeine revered in the millennia-old tradition of the African tropics for its detoxifying properties.

Clinically proven

For 80% of women,
it’s the best detox care for beautiful skin and a fresh-looking complexion.*

After 1 week of use**

After 4 weeks of use**


said they had a fresher-looking complexion


said skin appeared smoother


said Skin felt detoxified


said Skin appeared plumped and healthy with a glow

reduction in oxidized compounds*

*Satisfaction test, 105 women, 4 weeks. **Satisfaction test, 105 women. ***Test on skin explant: Detox Booster + cream, evaluation of quantity of oxidized proteins.

Mix & Match

In the palm of your cleansed hand, blend 3 to 5 drops of your Detox Booster with your usual Clarins face cream or face mask. Blend until smoothe before applying. Do not use alone.
So simple, so fast, for incredible results in no time.

Not sure of your skincare routine?


Clarins Tips

Top up your energy levels at any time of the day


Good Day Detox!

Start your day with a large glass of hot water to gently get your body into gear. To facilitate the elimination of toxins and reveal a glowing complexion, flavour it with a twist of antioxidant-rich lemon juice.


Light Lunch.

Seasonal steamed vegetables – or vegetable soup in winter – and white fish, followed by a low-fat yoghurt and a Valerian or Passion Flower herbal tea. A healthy complexion is the sign of good digestive and intestinal function, which means a healthy diet. To stay trim and maintain that natural glow, eat a balanced diet, keep rich foods and alcohol to a minimum and drink plenty of water.


Let your skin breathe!

When it’s not properly cleansed, the skin suffocates… Lingering impurities give rise to hypersensitive skin, redness, irritation and blemishes. To keep your complexion from looking lacklustre, use the Clarins Anti-Pollution method to cleanse the skin morning and evening. And exfoliate 2 to 3 times a week!


Time to quit.

Cigarette smoke ages the skin and leaves the complexion lacklustre. In fact, smoking is a top culprit when it comes to skin ageing. But if you’re looking for motivation to quit, the good news is the benefits can be seen within weeks. The complexion brightens and dark circles and bags fade.

Green coffee extract is known for its detoxifying properties.