04/ Human resources

Priority given to human resources management

Allowing everyone to reach his or her potential in harmony with the Groupe’s values is at the heart of Clarins Human Resources Management. New employees spend one week in a special training seminar. Then, a structured training policy within the company’s university enhances the development of competences around 4 objectives:
- Develop the potential and talents of each individual.
- Create a common knowledge base that includes behaviors, values and company culture.
- Improve the levels of competence and performance.
- Enhance communication and teamwork. Clarins encourages mobility among the different brands and countries while cultivating a respect towards diversity and sensitivities. On-going internal communication also helps develop a sense of teamwork and motivation.

Sensitivity to fundamental values

Over the last several years, Groupe Clarins has made it a priority to sensitize employees and business partners to the idea of Responsible Development. In addition to a specific training program, pertinent information is available on the company’s intranet site for employees. Since January 2009, a monthly e-newsletter (translated into English) is sent to everyone.

An ethics charter has been developed for suppliers. Presentations are regularly given by the Responsible Development department to sensitize all of Groupe Clarins' business partners in France, as well as in the different subsidiaries who have designated a Responsible Development Coordinator for their market. Finally, a film highlighting Clarins' commitments is available to learn more about the brand’s actions in terms of sustainable development.

A colleague’s experience

Sylvie Sola, Head of International Training

1 // When a young person begins working for Clarins, what are the values you share first?

S.S // Listening is a very important Clarins value. Listening to others in order to meet their needs, listening to better communicate with the different departments. And there is the notion of respect, of course. What matters is to always keep in mind that everything we do is for the client, it is for her (or him) that we work. Our concerns for our clients are real. Nothing about Clarins is artificial.

2 // How is Clarins teaching brand values to its new young employees?

S.S // Human Resources has put in place a welcome system for new employees. They meet the different managers of the Groupe. Clarins truly invests in building work relationships, and in the potential of every person to make a difference. Everyone is important. A day of training is also planned when someone begins at Clarins, and this training always includes a presentation on the brand’s values.

3 // Can you summarize the role of training at Clarins?

S.S // The idea of ‘accompaniment’ is very important at Clarins. We say, for example, that a person is never alone. The desire of the company is to see people grow not only personally but professionally—while sharing their skills and know-how. The contribution each person makes is at the heart of what we do.
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