03/ Eco-conception

Eco-Conception, a vital necessity.

Clarins identity is structured around innovation, absolute quality and the choice of sustainable development. Because of this, Eco-Conception is a very strong rallying concept that is capable of revealing authentic values.
This is the direction we move in - one where Eco-Conception is integrated into the actions of all team members who are part of our development: from marketing to purchasing, including merchandizing and our creative studios.

Respecting the environment.

Several initiatives have been developed with one goal in mind: to limit greenhouse gas emissions and minimize the impact of Clarins' activities on the environment as much as possible. Packaging materials (jars, bottles) are selected based on their low environmental impact. Overall weight and volume is reduced, recyclable material is reused, new printing techniques are always being investigated. Today, most of Clarins' on-site publicity material employ cardboard instead of plastic.

Did you know?

Clarins carried out an environmental evaluation on its new 50ml glass jar. It had less of an impact on the environment than their plastic version.
According to the results of a Carbon Study carried out in 2007, product packaging is the primary source of greenhouse gas emissions.

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