Anson Chan

2004 Hong Kong
Association Zonta Club of Hong Kong East Rm 13C, Queen's Centre 58-64 Phone: +85225202383

The woman
Dr Chan was born in Shanghai in 1940 and moved with her family to Hong Kong in 1948. After her father's death two years later, there was the relocation of her mother together with her elder and a younger brother to the UK, to pursue their studies. Dr Chan learned to cope with adversity early in life, to care for her younger brothers and appreciate the importance of family unity. The experience helped shape her character, her deep sense of responsibility and the desire to work with young people.

Her fight: « Zonta Club of Hong Kong East »
Dr Anson Chan's aim is to give young people values and principles, to help them develop their potential through education and to improve the lives of children in need.

What about now?
Many fund raising events are organized to enable Dr Chan's association to educate and care for more children.