Annick Dufresne

2006 Canadá
Association On the Tip of the Toes - Sur la pointe des pieds 240, rue Bossé G7J 1L9 Phone: (418) 543-3048

The woman
Annick is a generous, caring person who wants to help others, and a pioneer in the field of "adventure therapy". She is passionate about nature and adventure and convinced of its therapeutic benefits. Her vocation is to enable young people living with cancer to discover their own strengths and regain hope by taking up challenges that test their limits.

Her fight: « On the Tip of the Toes »
The aim of the foundation is to get teenagers living with cancer away from hospital, to help them regain their self-esteem and take them on therapeutic nature adventures aimed at giving them the tools to help them through this very difficult time of their lives. Young people at different stages of cancer leave the hospital and come together with a common goal - to reach the summit of a mountain, explore an archipelago in a sea canoe or travel through deserts on a skidoo. On their journey, they regain hope and their self-esteem.

What about now?
The foundation team believes very deeply in the benefits of exercise, the importance of the great outdoors and contact with nature, in the fight against cancer and in the healing process.