Anne Davies

2010 Reino Unido
Association Jigsaw4u  Head Office 27 Wolsey Way Chessington KT9 1XQ Phone: 020 - 8397 - 2031

The woman
Anne set up the charity Jigsaw4u, to give direct support to children and young people who have experienced loss and trauma. At first it was just Anne working from home, but she now heads a team of 27 with four offices in the UK, and they help several thousand children and their families annually to cope with the often devastating effects of grief.

Her fight: « Jigsaw4u »
What Jigsaw4u gives those children, Anne explains, is a safe space in which to acknowledge and express their own feelings – generally in a group setting with other children who have been through similar experiences. 'We encourage children to talk about the person they've lost, and to remember them.' Today the charity is able to help around 4,000 bereaved children a year in the UK

What about now?
Clarins presented Anne with a difference-making check of £30,000 for the charity. The money will be used to achieve four key objectives... It will fund an additional family support worker who will reach out to as many as 1,000 more children. It will allow Anne to set up a national support helpline and improve the charities website and social networking programme, all of which will make the charity more accessible to children. And finally it will fund the travel of four young people to represent the UK at an important international youth congress in Ghana.