Ann Maxwell

2008 Reino Unido
Association The Muir Maxwell Trust First Floor, Suite 12, Stuart House. Eskmills, Musselburgh EH21 7PB Phone: 0131- 273 - 5256

The woman
There are more than 70,000 children with epilepsy in the UK. Caring for a child with complex epilepsy requires twenty-four hour care. The risk of death of a child with epilepsy while sleeping is significant and constant sleep deprivation for parents is the norm. The strain on the family is immense and in most cases they have no one to turn to for support and guidance. Ann Maxwell is one of these parents. Her goal is to help other families affected by the condition.

Her fight: « The Muir Maxwell Trust »
In 2003 Ann established The Muir Maxwell Trust and over the past five years it has funded life-changing support to severely epileptic children and their families. From lifesaving epilepsy alarms which alert parents to potentially fatal night-time seizures, to ground-breaking DNA diagnostic equipment and specialist diet clinics which help reduce the life-limiting effects of trial and error treatment. Ann's story is even more remarkable given that she herself is suffering from a rare, incurable, slow-growing cancer first diagnosed in 2005.

What about now?
Given Ann's illness and the fact that she is currently the charity's main fundraiser, the Award will be allocated to the employment of a full time professional fundraiser for two years, who in year one will be tasked to raise £160,000 to purchase 300 epilepsy alarms.