Angela Larkan

2011 South Africa
Association Thanda PO Box 476 4220 Phone: 039-699-1253

The woman
Angela Larkan, the 27 year-old founder of the non-profit organisation Thanda, was chosen as Clarins Most Dynamic Woman of the Year for 2011 in recognition of the work she has done to fight the destructive impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty on orphans in rural communities.

Her charity
Larkan established Thanda five years ago and has since pioneered new approaches to fighting HIV/AIDS in rural communities and taking care of HIV orphans that could be implemented throughout Africa. Today, the project supports 325 children daily and is working to bring hope to thousands more through its model for community change.

What about now?
Not only is Larkan the founder of Thanda, but she also established Thanda After-School, where young people from the local community are employed. They receive a meal each day and provide a stable support system that offers their charges nurture, guidance, mentoring and skills development. By working with people from the local communities, Thanda keeps the rural social fabric intact and embraces the Zulu custom whereby family members, friends and neighbours are trusted to take care of each other.