Ana Rosa Blanco Peña

2009 Spain
Association Aldeas Infantiles SOS c/ Lorenzo Solano Tendero, 3 28043 Phone: 902 33 22 22

The woman
A high school History and Language teacher, Ana Rosa Blanco Peña one day felt the need to be more involved, and decided to contact a non-profit organisation in order to satisfy this desire.

Her charity
In 2003, her commitment to disadvantaged children brought her to the Aldeas Infantiles SOS (SOS Children's Villages) cause. After a period at the Escuela Nacional de Formación de Granada (National Training School of Granada), she joined the Madrid Aldea.
Over the years, she has guided a total of 123 children. For her, the most important part is the day-to-day work, encouraging the littlest ones to have fun, and working on the educational side with the teenagers. "The kids continually put you to the test. It’s a very absorbing job."

What about now?
She is currently continuing with her work at the Madrid Aldea, responsible for a home that fosters four children between the ages of 3 and 17.