Alison Davies

2002 Reino Unido
Association Enable, Working in India 35 Stileham Bank Milborne St. Andrew Blandford Forum DT11 0LE Phone: (01258) 837546

The woman
Alison began by sponsoring two boys in an orphanage based in India, who she visited in 1995. The trip gave her life a new-found purpose and on returning home she decided to raise £1,000 for the orphanage. Her fund-raising efforts grew and the registered charity, Enable (Working in India) was founded from her Dorset home later that year. Since then Alison, who has been wheelchair bound since the age of 14, has managed to raise over £170,000, which is quite an achievement considering that Alison also works full time as a researcher in medical ethics.

Her fight: « Enable, Working in India »
Through Alison's inspirational work, Enable gives disabled children and young adults a chance in life by giving them the medical attention and rehabilitation they need, alongside basic necessities such as food, clothing and life skills. Its ultimate aim is to make them self sufficient.

What about now?
The money from the Award has been used to achieve various objectives, including furnishing a handiwork classroom, purchasing furniture for dormitories, providing skills teaching and most ambitious of all, funding the creation of a second centre for girls in Ongole. Thanks to the Award, they have purchased a new minibus, accommodated thirty additional children in the centres for two years and completed the construction of the Ongole Centre so it can welcome blind children.