Aleksandra Marova

2007 Rússia
Association Simama Novossibirsk 14, Voskhod st. Phone: +7 383 212 87 69

The woman
Aleksandra's adventure began with the visit to an orphanage. She liked the place and the next time she visited, she came with her husband and friends to bring toys, organize parties and to buy and find clothes. Then she realized that she was not the only one involved and that other women were as motivated as her. Finally, all the eight women involved had adopted a child and decided to work together to improve the lives of the children.

Her fight: « Sibmama »
The aim of the foundation is to provide for the material needs of the children Aleksandra and her team are taking care of: clothes, shoes, toys, books, diapers, etc. The team realize that sometimes parents are reluctant to adopt a child because of stereotypes and the idea that orphans are sad, ill and unhappy. Thanks to Simama, the children are happy and show that adopting an orphan is not as hard as it seems !

What about now?
The members of the foundation have created a website where they can talk about what they have already done and their projects for the future.