Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel

Shape & Support

Skin Type: All skin types
Texture: Gel

Up with breasts! This refreshing gel delivers an immediate "lift" — visibly improving the shape of the bust area. Collagen-boosting Vu Sua extract helps strengthen, firm, tone and smooth — promoting long-lasting bust firmness, with results that improve with continued use. Oat Sugars create an invisible "natural bra," helping breasts appear higher on the bust line and hold a more defined shape. Apply each morning for an immediate tightening effect from base of breasts to chin.

    How to apply
50 ml
Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel
Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel
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Application Tips

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- Vu Sua extract stimulates collagen production, strengthens structure of the natural bra area, protects against free radical damage.

- Oat Sugars, a natural tightening agent taken from the Oat kernel, forms a flexible ?natural veil? on skin?s surface.

- Katafray, a natural moisturizer, offers optimal hydration and helps skin maintain softeness.
Did you know?

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Around the small village of Vinh Kim, located in the Mekong delta 130 km south of Hô-Chi-Minh City, the vu sua tree produces a large quantity of fruits in the month of November. Part of the harvest is sold in local markets but the size of the trees' production means the villagers cannot profit from all the fruits that reach maturity. By buying part of the unsold harvest, Clarins provides the inhabitants of Vinh Kim with a precious source of revenue which is all the more important since local infrastructures are little developed. Clarins is a partner in their development and in this way has financed the rebuilding of a primary school which the village was unable to fund itself.