New Body Shaping Cream

Et si on parlait de minceur autrement ?

Rethinking slimming


  • Christina “ I wear skinny jeans,
    but always with loose tops...”
  • Marie-Anne “ Overall, things are fine,
    but when it comes to the details, it's not great...”
  • Adeline “ I’m not worried about weight,
    but I want to get rid of cellulite...”

Perfectionists aim
to reach high goals

...women take an uncompromising view of their figure. However, just like you, many women do not relate to the weight loss rhetoric.
You've more than understood that you can't measure beauty on the scales! You are more concerned with your shape than your weight.


You dream
  • You dream

    of a shapely figure, rid of excess fat concentrated in certain critical areas.

  • 1/5 Slim down flabby arms.

  • 2/5 Streamline excess in the waist.

  • 3/5 Reduce stubborn curves on the hips.

  • 4/5 Melt away excess bulges on the thighs.

  • 5/5 Redefine pudgy knees.

All of these little shortcomings can really make you wonder why

...and make you lose your self-confidence.
Yet you spare no effort, you exercise, watch what you eat and draw on ingenious tricks to tailor your look and use the power of illusion...

But tops with sleeves, dresses that are not too clingy and the sarong on the beach strategy don't do much for your self-esteem.

Body Shaping Cream 

Body Shaping Cream:

to feel better about your body, lighter in your mind and be able to confidently say "me, only better!"

  • 1 Streamline stubborn curves
  • 2 Firm and smooth the skin
  • 3 Redefine your figure

Let's talk daring Ingredients that match up to your requirements


Innovation always requires daring

This was how Clarins discovered the streamlining properties of the simplest and most poetic of flowers, the poppy.

Poppy extract

It is used for the first time in Clarins slimming skin care for its ability to act simultaneously on the two processes responsible for slimming: it slows down fat storage and activates its release.


The major active ingredient in twofold
lipid regulation 

Organic quince extract


It helps to firm and support the tissue, encouraging collagen production and reinforcing the contractile power of the dermal cells, the fibroblasts.

Hibiscus flower extract


Its natural exfoliating properties help to improve the skin's surface texture, restoring smoother, softer skin.

Thanks to its latest slimming discoveries, Clarins is giving Body Shaping Cream, which was created in 1974, a new formula and a new lease of life.

Poppy extract slows down lipid storage

-62% Untreated adipocytes Adipocytes treated with poppy extract

Poppy extract accelerates lipid release

VARIATION IN STORAGE OF THE FATTY ACIDS RELEASED BY THE ADIPOCYTES +158% Untreated adipocytes Adipocytes treated with poppy extract

Let's talk well-being


The pleasure of a luscious and silky smooth texture that glides over the skin
like a caress...

This generous cream wraps the body in a delicious feeling of freshness with a delicate woody floral fragrance.

Body Shaping Cream 

Easy to apply...

It facilitates massage and leaves a non-greasy veil of softness on the skin, allowing you to get dressed immediately.

After using Body Shaping Cream

  • For
  • For

*Satisfaction test – 49 women who use slimming skin care – 4 weeks

Let's talk effectiveness You're the massage expert!


When you know the right techniques,
it only takes a few minutes...

to transform simple application into an effective massage...
Drawing on its long experience in beauty institutes, Clarins has developed a quick and easy manual self-massage method specially designed to target stubborn curves.

The massage video...


in a few gliding pressure movements over each affected area, it helps to promote drainage and redefine body contours.

Let's talk results Proven results


Promises kept!

Finally a slimming product that works where bulges are most difficult to shift... With a figure that is streamlined in just the right places, you make peace with your body at last. And this restored balance can also have an impact on self-confidence and your relationships with others.

Body Shaping Cream

Triple refining, firming and beautifying action to reduce the appearance of stubborn curves, whatever their origin. The figure is redefined, while skin is firm, toned and soft once more.

Body Shaping Cream Body Shaping Cream LEARN MORE

  • Effectiveness on stubborn curves

    • For
      arms are slimmer


    • For
      stomach and waist
      are streamlined
    • 86%**
      think that their curves
      are more beautiful


  • Firming and beautifying effectiveness

    • For
      skin is
    • For
      skin is
    • For
      skin texture
      is refined

*Satisfaction test – 49 women who use slimming skin care – 2 weeks
**Satisfaction test – 49 women who use slimming skin care – 4 weeks

For most women, body image
plays a major role in one's self-image.

Starting from this idea, Clarins Laboratories carried out a "Quality of Life" study in collaboration with Arnaud Aubert d’Emospin, a neuroscience and psychology expert. This original study demonstrated that after using Body Shaping Cream for one month, the users' body perception and social confidence significantly improved.

*Quality of life study – 100 women – 1 month

After one month's use:

Body perception* Women have a better image of themselves,
They feel better about their body,
They are more satisfied with their figure.

Social confidence* Women are more accepting of themselves,
They are more self-confident,
They are more at ease with others.

Let's talk about your victoryRediscover yourself


Victory over defeatism and discouragement...

Too many women give up on the figure of their dreams due to a lack of results.
With Body Shaping Cream, women gain a decisive ally in the battle against stubborn curves.
We bet that you won't stop.

Body Shaping Cream,
of women have made peace
with their figure.

  • An adopted

    • 84%** of women are ready
      to use Body Shaping Cream
      all year round
    • 94%** will use it
      next year
  • A shared

    • 88%** more than a slimming product,
      Body Shaping Cream is a comprehensive beauty product for the body
    • 90%**of women questioned would recommend Body Shaping Cream to a friend

**Satisfaction test – 49 women who use slimming skin care – 4 weeks

What better argument to continue than proven effectiveness? Body Shaping Cream restores hope to all those who have already tried slimming skin care but have become discouraged.

Body Shaping Cream LEARN MORE

Let's talk
about your allies
Your new tailor-made programme


To help you to obtain the results you are expecting...

and give yourself every chance, Clarins recommends that you adopt a comprehensive beautiful body programme that has proved its worth...

Cellulite, stubborn curves, water retention...

Every woman has her own concerns and Clarins, the No. 1 in body care brands in Europe and Asia*, offers expert solutions for everyone. Of course, to recover a shapely figure, you must combine your skin care product with a balanced diet and regular exercise. But you are also recommended to adopt the right beauty routine to optimise Body Shaping Cream's benefits and results...

1 Body Shaping CreamTargets stubborn fat, firms, redefines

Specially designed to facilitate massage, this luscious and silky smooth cream helps to reduce the appearance of stubborn curves, leaving skin firm, toned and soft once more.

Body Shaping Cream Body Shaping Cream LEARN MORE

2 Contour Body Treatment Oil 100% pure plant extracts

Refining and draining Contour Body Treatment Oil is the "light legs" treatment par excellence. It is perfect to combat dimpling and relieve heavy legs. It leaves skin soft and satiny.

Contour Body Treatment Oil Contour Body
Treatment Oil

3 Super Restorative
Redefining Body Care
For Abdomen and Waist

The body care that takes into account the changes in the figure and skin linked to a slowdown in hormonal activity. It helps to reduce skin slackening and reshape the abdomen and waist, restoring
a beautifully toned shape.

Super Restorative Redefining Body Care Super Restorative
Redefining Body Care

4 Body Lift Cellulite Control Targets early & stubborn cellulite

A formula enriched in expert active ingredients that allow you to break the vicious circle of cellulite. They minimise the appearance of even stubborn cellulite and help to maintain the results achieved by fighting early cellulite.

   Lift Minceur Body Lift Cellulite Control LEARN MORE

*Ranking in value terms established in 2012 on the Asian market (Beauty Research body care category) and European markets (NPI), women's body care category in France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain.

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