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Rubus idaeus
Raspberry is the fruit of the Raspberry bush, a bramble from the mountainous regions of Europe. According to legend, the Raspberry was originally white and first appeared in Crete, a Mediterranean island where the young Jupiter, future king of the gods of Ancient Greece, had his home. One day, Jupiter would not stop crying so his servant gathered some raspberries to console the boy. In doing so, she scratched her arm and her blood stained the white fruit red for ever. Scientists have found the Raspberry to have exceptional skin energizing and repairing properties thanks to its high content of flavonoids and Vitamin C. In its Lock-Around System ® HP, Clarins has combined it with Ascorbyl acid-2-glucoside, a new generation Vitamin C which continuously diffuses into the skin to provide a long-lasting, anti-free radical and anti-melanogenesis action.

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