Guides to download

  • Extra-Firming Guide

    Youthful, firm skin.

    Firm, tone and restore youthful-looking skin to face and body.

    Download the Extra Firming Body Guide>
    Extra firming Guide
  • Sun Guide

    Enjoy the sun… safely.

    Prep and protect your skin in the sun.

    Download the Sun Guide>
    Sun Guide
    1. Hydration Guide

      The secret to supple, comfortable skin.

      Restore comfort and beauty to dehydrated skin.

      Download the Hydratation Guide>
      Hydration Guide
    2. « Pregnancy, the most beautiful days of your life » Guide

      Be beautiful before and after baby.

      “Pregnancy, the most beautiful days of your life”

      Download The Pregnancy Guide>
      Pregnancy Guide
    1. Cleansing Guide

      Your beauty starts here.

      “Cleansing is a key step to preserve youthfullooking, radiant skin.”

      Download The Cleansing Guide>
      Cleansing Guide