Preserve the skin's health and beauty Sun protector

    “Our philosophy when creating a product is naturally to protect against sunburn, but also to protect against what you cannot see or feel, which means all the damage caused well before sunburn appears.” Lionel de Benetti, President of Clarins Laboratories.

    Clarins Multi-Cellular Protection Sun Care products are designed as genuine sun beauty products which let you develop an even, long-lasting tan while preserving the skin’s health and youthful beauty.


    Soothe skin and prolong a tan After sun

    Since skin damage linked to sun exposure continues well after exposure, Clarins has used all its sun care expertise to create its range of After Sun Skin Soothers:

    • They immediately relieve feelings of heat, to soothe the skin.

    • The skin feels soft and satin-smooth. It is prepared for sun exposure the following day.

    • Your tan is more radiant and lasts longer. A refreshing and soothing gel, a rich and nourishing cream, a self-tanning after sun care, a specific after sun for the face and décolleté or an intensive soothing after sun... the choice is yours!


    For a perfect tan,
    with or without sun
    Self tanners

    Clarins has created a range of 7 Self Tanners to suit everyone, from beginners to pros, and has advice on how to obtain an incredibly natural-looking tan, without sun :

    • Exfoliate skin the day before, to eliminate dead skin cells and encourage an even tan.

    • Moisturize the skin with your regular moisturizer.

    • Apply the self tanner with light smoothing motions, starting with the feet (avoid the soles) and finishing with the neck and face.

    • Use a damp tissue to gently wipe the eyebrows and hairline after application.

    • Wash hands and nails thoroughly after application.

    • If necessary, repeat application 3 hours later, to intensify the tanning action.

    • Reapply every 3-4 days to maintain your tan.