Extra-Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream "Dry Skin"

Wake up with smoother, firmer and more radiant skin

Skin Type: Dry
Texture: Cream

A high-performance night cream that helps prevent lines and wrinkles from forming while you sleep.
Skin appears firmer, refreshed and revitalized; upon waking, it appears smoother and more luminous.
Wrinkles are less noticeable, facial features appear more defined and complexion more even toned.
Specially formulated for Dry skin.

    How to apply
1.7 fl oz - 50 ml
Night Rejuvenating Cream "Dry Skin"
Night Rejuvenating Cream Night Rejuvenating Cream
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Application Tips

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Survixyl IS™: helps protect stem cells responsible for cellular renewal within the epidermis.
Stimulen®: helps reinforce skin's natural defense system.
Venuceane® and rhodiola extract: help protect skin against from harmful environmental effects as you sleep.
Japanese lotus extract: helps prevent the appearance of dark spots.
Hyaluronic acid: ensures long-lasting moisture.