Iridescent shadow

A new generation of eye shadows with an iridescent finish and texture that fuses perfectly with the skin: all the comfort and smoothing effect of a cream with the fineness and holding power of a powder.

Texture: Powder
  • 01 aquatic rose
  • 02 aquatic green
  • 03 aquatic grey
  • 04 silver ivory
  • 05 silver pink
  • 06 silver green
  • 07 silver plum
  • 08 silver white
  • 09 silver rose
  • 10 silver grey

"Cream-to-powder" eye shadows - illuminate your eyes with a pearly sheen during the day; create high-definition, colour-intense results at night.

• Iridescent blends of soft-focus pigments offer pure colour while bamboo powder delivers long-lasting results.

• Easy to apply. Adds a touch of even, luminous colour in the blink of an eye.

    How to apply
Iridescent shadow
Iridescent shadow Iridescent shadow
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Bamboo powder: mattifying properties.