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0.25 fl oz - 7 ml

Instant Light Blush

Warm-coloured cheeks for an instant healthy-looking complexion

  • 01 vitamin pink
  • 02 coral tonic
  • 03 brown fizz

A handy liquid blush for an instant, natural-looking healthy glow. This cocktail of plant and mineral ingredients sculpts and smoothes the cheeks for a radiance-boosting and natural-looking colour result.
The final touch for flawless make-up, its satin finish illuminates the cheeks. Available in a range of shades that will adapt to any skin tone.

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0.25 fl oz - 7 ml
Instant Light Blush
Instant Light Blush Instant Light Blush
Pearlescent powder: catches the light and beautifully enhances facial contours.
Spherical pigments: optically minimize wrinkles and fine lines, enhancing complexion radiance with a perfectly natural result.
Double antioxidant and anti-free radical protection, and vitamin E: helps protect skin, colour remains even.
Raspberry and redcurrant seed oil : soften and moisturize the skin; promoting an incredibly radiant complexion.