Foot Beauty Treatment Cream

Nourishes, Smoothes, Repairs, Enhances nails

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily
Texture: Cream

Soothing relief for tired feet! Experience the walking-on-clouds feeling of a cream that helps relieve swelling and fatigue with Arnica extract. Smoothes-away roughness with Virgin Cashew Nut Oil and Shea Butter. Strengthens and beautifies nails with Myrrh. Renews and protects from ankle to toe.

    How to apply
125 ml
- Virgin Cashew Nut Oil- nourishes and softens skin.

- Shea Butter- repairs, softens and perfects skin.

- Arnica- relieves feelings of fatigue.

- Myrrh- strengthens and beautifies nails.

- Essential Oil of Thyme- purifies skin.

- Laponite® powder- absorbs dampness.