Extra-Firming products
Spotlight on lasting firmness.
40 years young with smooth, firm skin.


What are the effects?

Skin is smoothed and firmed, features are tightened and the complexion is left looking radiant.

Extra-Firming Day Cream

For an immediate lifting effect.
Helps achieve firmer skin
day after day.

Extra-Firming Night Cream

Helps skin appear firmer,
smoother, more uniform
and radiant every morning.


What is Clarins' breakthrough?

Clarins Research has broadened its anti-ageing investigations and for the first time is focusing on what causes loss of firmness and the appearance of wrinkles at the level of the dermis and the epidermis.


Extra-Firming Day Cream

At the level of the dermis - the skin's "support mattress" - Extra-Firming Day Cream not only works on all the fibres and cells that helps firm the skin but also on the connections that anchor these fibres to the skin cells.
These connections enable the skin to stretch and compress and to resist the effects of time without fracturing.
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Extra-Firming Night Cream

At the level of the epidermis (the top layer of the skin) Extra-Firming Night Cream promotes the protection of the skin's stem cells - cells which ensure the production of new skin cells.
The potential of the epidermis to renew itself, which is key to ensure youthful skin is maintained.
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breakthrough video >

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The first Extra-Firming product:
effective both night and day

Rich in 12 active ingredients, the first Extra-Firming product was a night cream with revitalising benefits, which was an immediate success. The rich and creamy texture was so unlike the oily creams common at that time. These properties soon had fans using it as a day cream too.


Immediate lifting effect and
light-activated regeneration

The Extra-Firming cream was separated into two products: in addition to the night cream, a day cream was created with smoothing active ingredients, which helped give an instant younger-looking appearance.


Protection of the skin's nerve endings

New Clarins Research breakthrough: the Extra-Firming range was extended to include products that protect the skin's nerve endings and whose connections with the skin cells and epidermis control the skin's regeneration. An approach based on physiological connections that Clarins still continues to research today.

Spotlight on
firmness connections

Extra-Firming products build on the innovations of previous generations and have been enhanced thanks to a major breakthrough: the existence of protein links which strengthen the fibres and cells in order to maintain the skin's capacity to flight the effects of time. Perfect for those who at the age of 40 are seeking to control loss of skin firmness and signs of ageing. The new Extra-Firming product range promises increased firmness.


The new formulations of Extra-Firming creams respect Clarins' sustainable development policy:

"Favouring plant materials, organic ingredients, locally cultivated plants and, if they come from afar, fair trade products."

What active ingredients are in the new Day formula?

• Four organic plant extracts:
bocoa, green banana, lemon thyme and oat sugar
• 100% French manufacture on an Ecocert certified site

Oat sugar**

• Helps to instantly smooth
and tighten features
** Certified

Extract of lemon thyme

• Helps protect skin's elasticity
** Certified

Extract of green banana**

• Helps to enhance the synthesis
of collagen and helps anchors
collagen fibres to cells in the dermis.
** Certified

Bocoa extract

• Promotes the synthesis of collagen


What active ingredients are in the new Night formula?

• Two high-tech active ingredients:
Stimulen and Survixyl
• One Lotus extract
• 100% French manufacture on an Ecocert certified site


• Protects Langherans cells
(the skin's immune cells)

Survixyl IS™:

• Preserves the environment of stem cells
required to renew the epidermis
• Helps extend the life of the skin's
stem cells


• Helps to prevent the appearance
of pigmentation



Questions and Answers

Clarins - Multi-Régénérante

Lionel de Benetti
Head of Clarins Laboratories

What role does organic green banana extract play?

This is a new active ingredient, which has been specially developed for Clarins. It plays a key role in maintaining the firmness of the skin and strengthening the skin's structure. It helps:
- stimulate the synthesis of collagen I - the most abundant collagen in the dermis
- improve the quality of collagen fibres
- anchor the connections between the fibres and skin cells

Is this a new way of achieving firmness?

Until now anti-ageing products have largely focused on collagen fibres and to a lesser extent on elastin fibres.
Now Clarins' Research has made a breakthrough which will revolutionise anti-ageing products. Because skin has a mobile structure in which all the elements must work together to ensure its resistance, the new Clarins Extra-Firming products not only target collagen fibres, elastin fibres and fibroblasts (dermis cells) but also the connections that strengthen these fibres and cells.

What are 'firmness connections'?

The skin on the face is constantly being solicited by the face's expressions. To prevent the skin from marking, the dermis relies on a stretchable and compressible network capable of following the movements of the face without slackening or fracturing.
Hence the importance of the connections which anchor these fibres and cells and give the skin's structure its mobility and long term firmness.

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The secret to waking up looking beautiful?

A night cream to be applied to cleansed make-up free skin.

Night Cream

Very Dry Skin



Night Cream

All Skin Types


A complete anti-aging treatment system?

Serum + Day Cream - a must-have duo.

Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux


Tightening Lift
Botanical Serum



Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux

Generation 6



Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux

Extra-Firming Day

For all skin types


An instant lifting and smoothing effect?

Your must-have base to take with you wherever you go.


Instant Smooth

Perfecting Touch


Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux


Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux


Instant Smooth

Line Correcting


A radiantly youthful look?

Your eye contour product to be applied before your Day and Night creams.

Sérum Super Lift - Contour des Yeux

Advanced Extra Firming

Eye Contour Serum


Baume Anti-Rides - Contour des Yeux

Advanced Extra-Firming

Eye Contour Cream



Consumer tests

What do the test results show?

Going further in terms of effectiveness. Clarins re-invents firmness.
Extra-Firming Day Cream: keeps its promises.
Clarins Laboratories tested the Multi-Régénérante Extra-Firming day cream on 77 women aged 40 and above for 4 weeks*.

An effectiveness testified
by the product users
Extra-Firming Day
Immediate effects
Smoother skin*
More toned skin*
After 4 weeks
More elastic skin*
Less fatigued-looking skin*
* Percentage of satisfied test participants, 77 women aged 40 and over, following the first application of Multi-Régénérante Extra-Firming Day Cream (all skin types) and after 4 weeks' of use.


It's your turn to test the new
Clarins Multi-Régénérante Extra-Firming Day Cream and let a friend benefit too.

One day you wake up
and you're 40…
What better gift
to give your skin!
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