HydraQuench Cream Normal to Dry Skin

Moisturised and radiant skin all day long

Skin Type: Normal, Dry
Texture: Cream

Light and silky, smooth to apply and feather-light on the skin.
Rapidly absorbed, this cream refreshes and hydrate

    How to apply
1.7 fl oz - 50 ml
Cream Normal to Dry Skin
Cream Normal to Dry Skin Cream Normal to Dry Skin
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Application Tips

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Hyaluronic acid helps to restore the skin's water reserves.
Katafray extract helps to reinforce the barrier effect of the outer layer of the skin, limiting dehydration.
Extracts of rowan tree buds boost the skin's radiance.
An anti-pollution complex, exclusive to Clarins, protects the skin against the harmful effects of the environment.
Did you know?

Katafray a responsible development programme
The harvesting of its bark is carried out in a controlled manner. The bark is used locally to build cabins for the local population. A partnership was set up for the replanting of 10,000 katafray trees, over a 5-year period.

Fair trade
A fixed amount of the retail price of katafray bark is given to Clarins' Madagascan partners in the harvest zone. This sum has been used to set up a drinking water network in the village of Morarano, and renovate and extend a school in the village of Morovoay. Organic cultivation