Expert advice: key steps to reveal your beauty

    The 1st body beauty step

    Carried out once or twice a week, exfoliation has many benefits for the skin:
    • It eliminates all impurities and dead cells which suffocate the skin, leaving it instantly softer and incredibly smooth.
    • It encourages ce ll renewal and makes the skin firmer and more resistant.
    • After a holiday, it helps you maintain an even, radiant tan for longer.
    • Exfoliating before the first application of a self tanner will ensure perfectly even colour.
    • For those who carry out hair removal, it prevents ingrown hairs and makes hair removal easier.
    • Finally, it leaves the skin more receptive to skin care products applied after exfoliation.

    The secret to smooth,
    supple skin

    Body skin becomes dry very easily. So it needs special care. Unfortunately, women often take better care of their face than their body… Moisturizing the body helps to fight the effects of the cold and the rubbing of clothes. Moisturizing is a simple and vital beauty step for the body. A body with an even, soft skin texture both looks beautiful and feels great.

    Firmer skin,
    a more youthful body

    A beautiful body first means beautiful, toned, smooth, supple skin. But how can you maintain firm skin despite pregnancy, fluctuations in weight and ageing? Because they act on both elastic and collagen fibres, Clarins new Extra-Firming Body Care products preserve the firm, supple qualities of your skin and restore defined, toned, youthful-looking body contours. A rich cream or a melting lotion... two different sensations with the same effective action.

    Clarins, the leader
    in body contouring care

    Thanks to over 50 years' experience in its Institutes, Clarins has understood women's needs in terms of body contouring and created 5 expert Body Contouring products:
    • For curvy or slim women with cellulite, or those looking for a body product to use during a weight-loss programme.
    • For women who are finding it hard to eliminate stubborn curves, mainly on the upper body.
    • For women with water retention.
    • For women over 50 who are experiencing changes in their figure due to age and hormonal changes.

    The 1st body beauty step

    "For Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, I wanted to create an invisible beauty glove. I tested 151 versions. The 152nd was the right one. » Jacques Courtin-Clarins.
    Millions of women across the world have remained loyal to this amazing product. For the simple reason that its formula has not been bettered for 30 years.
    Since the hands are subjected to external aggressions, they must be nourished and protected, to preserve their youthful beauty. And every part of the hand has very specific needs.
    Every ingredient specifically meets the different needs of the three parts of the hand:
    • the back of the hand, prone to dryness, chapping and dark spots.
    • the palm, where skin can thicken and become damp.
    • the nails, weakened by detergents and exposed to physical damage.